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Individuals or organizations that partner with Say Your Name! Inc. play an important role in providing critical resources that ensure safety and support for survivors of domestic violence. Together, we can create a society where survivors have a voice, are empowered, and where there is zero-tolerance for domestic violence.

Say Your Name! Inc. recognizes the great amount of effort in developing and implementing a successful partnership; therefore, it is our policy to ask each individual or organization to complete a Partnership Application. (application link) The application is designed to assess whether the proposed partnership is a good fit for all parties, including alignment of mission and goals, as well as feasibility and mutual benefit.

We are grateful for your interest in partnering with Say Your Name! Inc.

Thank you, 

The Board of Directors


Thank you

for your interest in partnering with Say Your Name! Inc.

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When you change the meaning and narrative of your past, you simultaneously change the narrative of your present and future. 

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