We envision a world where relationships are healthy and free from abuse and guided by spiritual principles and practices.  


Our mission is to increase awareness, educate the community and the church about domestic violence, uplift, inspire and empower women, and provide practical and spiritual support for domestic violence victims and survivors.  

Core Values

God-Centered - Putting God first and allowing all activities to flow from the moral premise of Christ.  

Survivor Focused - To treat people with dignity and respect and create a non-judgmental atmosphere that empowers individuals to live a healthy life free from abuse.    

Inclusion - Value diverse perspectives, and work as a team within the organization, to bring about change for people regardless of their nationality, education, economic status, or beliefs.

Collaboration - To establish a diverse coalition of partnerships that achieve the broadest impact for victims and survivors of domestic violence. 

Social Change - through Education and Advocacy

Professional and Personal Accountability - leading by example and holding myself accountable.  Being receptive to feedback and maintain commitments.  

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When you change the meaning and narrative of your past, you simultaneously change the narrative of your present and future. 

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