A Longer Vision, A Longer Story

Here we are. In a matter of hours, we will arrive on the eve of another year that will go down in history as one of the most trying times we could have ever anticipated. Still, God’s power has preserved every last one of us! In the sight of God, every second is sacred, every minute is meaningful, and every hour is precious. Whether it has meant living quietly in the solace of your own space or doing stupendous work alongside others, we must receive His provisions with praise.

Our positive perspective is a gift from the ONE who keeps our mind and saves us with his grace day after day!

Can you see it now? We have been in God’s heart forever! The theme To Live on Purpose has been recycled from trending bookshelves to preaching platforms down through the years; therefore, what do we have to lose by Living Our Lives On Purpose?

Now let me be clear about the purpose mindset. I had to learn this lesson a few times and will most likely stay receptive to learning even more. Our purpose (mindset) must not come from our own will but from the will of God our Father. This mindset that we must assume will aid us in evading the unnecessary hiccups that life can bring. While approaching our agenda, purpose and plan, we must ask ourselves, "Did I seek God about this?" "Is this HIS will for my life?"

And as we go into the blessings of a new year with larger visions and larger stories - let us not forget to seek God about the desires of our heart. He is right there, waiting to hear from you. When going out to assume the mantle to Live on Purpose, we can rest assured who it is that holds us and purposes us through the journey. I hope you will give this a try.

Engaging our life with this in mind will cause the glory of Him to show up in the micro-macro deeds of everyday life. We have no reason to quit having made it thus far. Yes, my Beloved, there is a larger vision and a larger story for our lives. Just hold on!! And trust that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. What do you believe God for in your life?

Say Your Name!

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