The Strength to Win

I am sure that the thought of giving up on things that become too intense to handle has crossed your mind at some point. You participate in the cycle of life quite a bit, whether self-driven, serving others, or engaging in events. And, yet, at times, become so overwhelmed that you find yourself walking away from the plight.

I want you to know - You do Possess The Strength to Win!

We have all been in some turmoil that has caused fear and defeat. The matters at hand are looking immense, and the confidence and determination you began with are fading as you move through the challenges of the never-ending days, weeks, and months. The Good News is that in our fleeting confidence, we are not alone. IT is NOT in our own strength that we win, but with God that We Can WIN!

Here it is…Do Not Give Up or Give In; You Have the Strength to Win!

Perseverance has never been that we have great confidence, determination, and strength within ourselves. But persistence is knowing that God is in the midst of whatever it is that you have attempted to Step Up To, Steer Away From, Achieve, or Conquer; He is the cumulative factor. God always goes before you because the battle belongs to Him.

You might be asking yourself by now, “What is it then that I should do?” I am glad you asked. Pray and Press on! “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your understanding; in all thy ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6) NIV.

We have all taken falls in the past, right? Well, let us stand up today!

The next time you feel like fainting, are met with mocking-minded defeat, or bridging on the border of doubt, please remember this: YOU BELONG TO GOD! He is your resource. Let us make it a practice to meditate with Him as a priority each day. Seek God concerning every situation. He alone has the Strength that we need to Win. With God, you can do the impossible. I am a witness to this fact. I solely look to Him for strength, and he never fails. There is no person, circumstance, or condition that can overtake you. Look up! Watch out; you have the Strength to Win!

Say Your Name!

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